I was born in Zagreb in 1974 and graduated from the “School of Applied Art and Design” in Textile Design department.

My experience in the set department on major television and film projects as well as on many independent productions, takes more than 20 years /costume assistent and designer,  make up and masque artist, set designer, art director/. In 2011. my creative work has expended and I’ve started a project under the name bossa noga®, where I transfer my eclectic nature and peculiar sense of colors and design to create unique clothing objects.

I am also a founder of the  Community /of individual creativity/  Noj Art, which brings together multifarious artists and enthusiasts in the field of art, music and other related media.

Gigantic lover of photography, drawing and design in general.

I’m living and working in Zagreb.

# This web site is a selected collage of previous and current work. Thank u for the visit.